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AdvancedHackVenture BootCamp

in Mutual Collaboration of Xowia Technologies and Govt. Central Library, Gwalior

HackVenture BootCamp Content

Advanced Ethical Hacking & Digital Forensics




Cyber Ethics

  • Hackers & Hacking Methodologies
  • Types of Hacker
  • Communities of Hackers
  • Malicious Hacker Strategies
  • Steps to conduct Ethical Hacking
  • Hiding your identity while performing Attacks


Basic Network Terminologies

  • TCP / IP Protocols
  • IP Addresses
  • Classes of IP Addresses
  • Proxies and VPN’s
  • SSH


Information Gathering & Foot Printing

  • Whois Information
  • Active / Passive Information Gathering
  • Information Gathering Using
  • Foot Printing Methodologies
  • Tools that aid in Foot Printing


Scanning & Enumeration

  • Why Scanning?
  • Types of Scanning
  • Tools to aid in Scanning
  • Nmap – Network Mapper
  • Banner Grabbing


Vulnerability Scanning

  • What is Vulnerability
  • Preparation for Scanning
    • Nessus Vulnerability Scanner
    • Nessus Configuration
    • Creating a Nessus Scan Policy
    • Running a Nessus Scan
    • Import Report
  • Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner
    • Acunetix Configuration
    • Create a Acunetix Scan Policy
    • Running a Acunetix Scan
    • Analyzing Results
    • Generating Report


Kali Linux

  • What is Kali Linux
  • Installation of Kali
  • Uses of Kali
  • What is Exploits
  • How Exploits Work
  • Information Gathering with Kali
  • How to Scan a Victim
  • Functionality of Kali


Metasploit Framework – Swiss Army’s Knife

  • What is Metasploit Framework
  • Introduction with Metasploit Interfaces
  • MSFConsole
  • MSFencode
  • MSFcli
  • Armitage
  • What is a Payload, Auxiliary Modules, Shellcode, Listener
  • Difference Between Exploits and Payload
  • How to Create a Trojan
  • How to Control Victim’s computer using Trojans
  • Exploiting Windows XP Machine
  • Brief Description of Meterpreter
    • Compromising a Windows XP Machine
    • Dumping Username and Passwords
    • Privilege Escalation
    • Keylogger
    • Dump Key logs
    • Or Much More
  • Armitage
    • What is Armitage
    • Finding Target through Armitage
    • Automatically Finding Payload or Exploits for Target Computer
    • Exploiting a Machine
  • Accessing Victim’s Computer Screen
  • Clearing Tracks and Foot Prints


Trojan and Backdoors

  • Binding Trojan with another File
  • How to Detect Trojan in your Computer
  • Removal of Trojan from your Computer
  • Analysis of Trojan/ Virus


Phishing & its Prevention

  • Making Phishing Pages
  • Detection of Phishing Pages


Password Cracking

  • Types of Password Cracking
  • How Password Crackers Work
  • Dictionary Based Attack
  • Brute Forcing Attack
  • OphCrack – Windows Password Cracker


Steganography and Cryptography

  • What is Steganography
  • How Steganography Works
  • Tools for Steganography
  • What is Cryptography
  • How Cryptography Works
  • Tools for Cryptography


Google Hacking

  • Understanding How Google Works
  • Power Of Searching
  • Google Basic Operators
  • Google Advanced Operators
  • Automated Google Tools
  • How to Find the Desired Website
  • How to Google can aid in searching Vulnerable Website


Web Hacking

  • Web Application Overview
  • Web Application Attacks
  • SQL Injection Attack
  • Cross Site Scripting
    • Types of XSS
    • XSS Filters
    • Bypassing XSS Filters
    • XSS Worm and XSS shell
    • Cookie Grabbing
  • Tools for Attacking
  • Finding Admin Panel
  • CSRF (Cross Site Request Forgery)
  • Remote Code Execution
  • HTTP Header Injection / CRLF Injection
  • Buffer Overflow in Web Apps
  • LFI
  • RFI
  • HTMLi


Proxy Servers and VPN’s

  • Introduction
  • Different Between Proxies and VPN
  • Configuring Proxy Server
  • Proxy Bouncing
  • Configuring VPN


Session Hijacking

  • Introduction
  • Types of Session Hijacking
  • Tools that aid in Session Hijacking


Reverse Engineering

  • Introduction to Reverse Engineering
  • Briefing OllyDbg
  • How OllyDbg Work
  • Patching
  • Cracking


Wireless Hacking & Security

  • Wireless Protocols
  • Wireless Routers-Working
  • Cracking Wireless Routers Password (WEP)
  • Securing Routers from Hacker
  • Tools for Wireless Hacking


Android Security Hacking

  • Types of Security
  • Android Security Bypassing
  • What is rooting
  • Benefits of Rooting
  • Rooting Android Smartphone


Introduction to Cyber Crime Investigation & IT ACT 2000

  • Types of Cyber Crimes
  • Reporting Cyber Crimes & Incidences Response
  • Introduction to IT Act 2000 & its Section
  • Flaws in IT ACT, 2000


Investigation Methodologies & Case Studies

  • Different Logging Systems
  • Investigating Emails ( Email Tracing)
  • A Case Study
  • Investigating Phishing Cases
  • Investigating Data Theft Cases
  • Investigation SMS & Call Spoofing Cases


Cyber Forensics

  • Understanding Cyber Forensics
  • Hands on Cyber Forensics on RAM
  • Hands on Cyber Forensics on PDF
  • Preparing Cyber Forensics Reports

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Congratulations to all the participants of previous HackVenture.

  • Aniket Dixit
  • Anurag Gupta
  • Antish Sharma
  • Ananya Sharma
  • Deepak Sahu
  • Kashish Rana
  • Manpreet Singh
  • Nitin Soni
  • Nikhil Yadav
  • Prakash Shukla
  • Rohit Bajwa
  • Reenu Kushwah
  • Sandeep Chaubay
  • Shivam Gupta
  • Vikash Gupta
  • HackVenture BootCamp Details

  • BootCamp Starting Date: 10/March/2018
  • Fees: 5000 INR
  • Registration:
    • Pre Registration- 15-Sep'17 to 25-Feb'18 (30% discount for students)
      • Discount Code- XOWIATECH
    • Regular Registration- 26-Feb'18 to 05-Mar'18
  • BootCamp Duration:30 Days/1 Month
  • Program Benefits & Highlights:
    • Learn & Interact with renowned Industry Expert.
    • Receive an unparalleled education on the art of Computer security with personal one-on-one attention from us.
    • Hands on Demonstrations of Latest Hacking Techniques & Tools.
    • PowerPoint Presentation, Live Demos, Interactive Question & Answer Sessions and Comprehensive reading material.
    • Toppers of Workshop to be Personally Interviewed by us and will receive a chance to work with us on security projects.
  • Course Material & DVDs :
    • Comprehensive Camp Material will be provided to Participants.
    • Ethical Hacking Toolkit (DVDs and CD) (Containing Tools, Videos, EBooks, Presentations). 
  • Certification:
    • Certified “Certified Cyber Security Dabster” Provide by Xowia Technologies and Govt. Central Library, Gwalior.

    Venue: Govt. Central Library, Maharaj bada, Gwalior


    In Case of any other Details or Formalities on our end, do revert back to us or

    Web- http://www.xowia.com/

    Email: - xowiatech@gmail.com | hackventure@xowia.com

    Ph. :-   +91 96170-38381


    Know about your trainer: Kapil Soni

                The lead trainer at Xowia Technologies is Kapil Soni. He is a renowned ethical hacker and security researcher from India. He is the one of the top 25 ethical hacker (According to www.thetopten.com) from India. Also he is in top 100 InfoSec Researcher and Web Penetration Tester across the world (According to BugCrowd). Several times he is in newspapers due to his activities and work. He is a security analyst, penetration tester and trainer and he has great experiences in InfoSec field also he trained more than 1k students at different institutes.

                Also he supported and helped to secure many international companies like Amazon, Indeed, PagerDuty, HumbleBundle, Cisco, Avast, BlackPhone and many more.

                Some achievements of him are mentioned below-


                a) Developed a Network Scanner on Python

                b) Developed a Linux distribution namely “Blackistry”, especially for mobile security auditing and forensics.

                c) He is chief-editor of top 3, InfoSec tools providing website, www.toolwar.com


                a) Published his article on “Windows registry forensics” on #1 InfoSec magazine “Hakin9”.

                b) Published kindle book on “Windows Registry Forensics (WRF) with Volatility Framework”

                c) Published kindle book on “Advanced PDF Forensics and Analysis”


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